Riding a cable car in San Francisco

Written on 23 January 2019 You haven’t been to San Francisco if you haven’t taken a ride on a cable car. The cable cars are cute and old fashioned in the best kind of way. San Francisco is a beautiful hilly and neatly packed city. It is a big magical city with a small-town feel.Continue reading “Riding a cable car in San Francisco”

Memories of Christmases gone by ..

Written on 31 October 2018 The German nuns at the boarding house made the most delicious creamy rice pudding. When Christmas rolled around, we sang ‘O Tannenbaum’ (O Christmas tree) and paraded into the boarding house in a slow sequence with huge smiles and candles alit. The large boarding house would have been scrubbed clean,Continue reading “Memories of Christmases gone by ..”

A festival that conserves

Written on 31 October 2018 Take the path less travelled sometimes. Travelling is a fun way to learn new things. An experience off the beaten path in Papua New Guinea can offer deeper, richer and more fulfilling appreciation of our traditions and cultures that makes PNG so unique. The Kutubu Kundu and Digaso Festival isContinue reading “A festival that conserves”